Tuesday, July 30, 2019

What should I do with my mind

What should I do With my mind 

Aww.. Don't feel so strange.. Because this post topic may be new littly..but it's not beyond your thinking and my thinking.. Hehehe 😅

Here you will read.. Something interest stuffs.  That will make you mature.. tough.. Hard.. And intelligent. So read this completely . If you really wanna take some advantages from here. 

What should I do with my mind 

How old you are.. You 18+,,you are 24 or you are 30....Age doesn't matter.. If you can understand the things In right sense. Whenever a person starts to learn things.. to Understand things.. It's means.. that person has become open minded person. Are you open minded? 

You should check that .. You are open minded person or not.  This is the very first thing.. You should do with your mind. 

What are you doing now?  I know you are reading this post. But what are those other things you are doing also. You are thinking of friends.. You are thinking about girlfriend.. Or about study.. Or about money. What about you are thinking..?  Yess I know you are reading this post. And I also know you are thinking about any other thing or person. I know it.. But you don't know. So that.. tell me plz.. Have you ever think.. In one single time of work.. How many work you do. This is single time to reading this post.. And you are doing another work with it.. And that is thinking about friend,, girlfriend,, money,, study . So you should check that ..in one single time how many or how much work your mind exactly do. Check it out. 

Hey stupid.. Just listen me. Hey, are you mad. Hey,,are you crazy.  You occasionally.. Listens this type of sounds from your friends,, girlfriends or family members. You love them. That's why.. You never mind these sounds . Actually you should not mind these. Bcoz they all lives in your heart. But there is one mindable thing.. And that is.. Why people calls you stupid?  Why people calls you mad?  Have you ever think?  So that you should check... Why people calls you this. Are you really stupid?  Are you really mad,, are you really crazy. 

What should I do with my mind 

You was upset from two hours ago. And yesterday you was upset. And tomorrow again you will be upset. May be.. You have thousands reasons for being upset daily. But do you know.. How much time you waste in this feeling daily. You can't work.. When you get upset. You can't eat,, you can't act normally,, when you get upset.  And it's your daily problem. Have you ever think.. Is it a temporary problem of you.. Or it has become a habit of you . So that.. You should check.. Is this just a problem of your mind.. Or it has become a tatoo of your mind. 

When you think about bad people.. You get angry. When you think about bad things.. Then you get angry.  And when you think about good people and good things..then You feel cool.. Happiness. People can make your mood good.. If they are good in your thinking.  And people can disturb your mood.. If they are bad people in your thinking. So you should take care of your mood. Think only good people and good thinks.  Ignore ..unwanted things and people. So plZ check that.. In how much time of a day.. You think about good things.. And bad things.  Plz check it out. 

If you do these things with your mind. It will really make you.. what you should be. 

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What should I do with my mind 

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